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Are You Feeling Older and Wiser?

Another year older another year wiser – a common line you will hear in birthdays as one celebrates another year of living on this earth, and although it is familiar and rather redundant, it does not necessarily always mean it is right. It has been an age old impression among many cultures that to grow...

The Heart-Saving Hormone

A synthetic form of a hormone that ramps up during pregnancy might prove to be a powerful new drug against tough-to-treat heart failure. Researchers who presented data from a study this week at the American Heart Association annual meeting in Los Angeles said the drug, serelaxin, shows promise But experts were cautious, saying the findings need...

New Genes Linked to Alzheimer’s

by Michael Smith, North American Correspondent, MedPage TodaySeptember 06, 2009 Action Points Researchers have found new genes that are associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. The three novel genes all appear to play a role in the deposits of amyloid in the brain that characterize Alzheimer's, as does the only well-established gene that increases the risk...

Obesity Linked to Several Cancers

HEALTHWATCH - If your New Year’s Resolution was to exercise more, stick with it. Obesity is linked to numerous types of cancer. That’s according to a new study. This latest research finds that people with excess body fat were at a higher risk for even more cancers than originally thought, including gallbladder and thyroid cancer....

Detecting Parkinson’s Disease Early

by Alice Lazzarini, PhD Detecting Parkinson’s Disease Early The genetic revolution of the 1990s has spurred the identification of seven disease-causing genes and many additional genes that constitute risk factors for Parkinson’s. Deciphering the function of these genes has facilitated our capacity to understand pathways involved in the disease process. Everyday there are breakthrough publications featured...

Top 5 Snacks to Fuel Your Workout

Fuel your workout It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you work out in the morning, amid your meal break or around evening time: pre-workout snacks are constantly vital. They guarantee that your body has all that it needs to fuel itself amid whatever action you’re doing, whether it’s climbing the StairMaster, running...

10 Essential Rules of Good Health

With information on any topic now so readily accessible, it has never been easier to educate ourselves on all aspects of achieving good health. Through food blogs that focus on all kinds of lifestyles from general healthy eating to paleo diets or veganism, online health magazines that supply us with new workouts to try...

10 Summer Sports That Torch Serious Calories

We’ve all been there, the run up to summer spells a season of living in the gym preparing your ‘summer body’ for its grand unveiling once the weather heats up. It’s true what they say, a summer body is made in the winter. But unfortunately that means we spend most of our exercise time...


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