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Fibromyalgia: Why It Appears, How To See It And How To Treat It

Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal disorder. According to WebMD, it causes muscle and joint pains, memory and mood issues, and fatigue. It is the second common musculoskeletal disorder after osteoarthritis, but there are still questions about it even in the medical world. At this time there is no cure for this disorder. Women are more likely...

8 Things Help For Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Sufferers Need to Stop Doing

8 Things Help For fibromyalgia diagnosis Sufferers When I was first diagnosed I was under the impression that amitriptyline would sort out my sleep issues, which in turn would relieve me of my fibromyalgia symptoms. Stop putting your own needs on the back burner. – fibromyalgia diagnosis If you have any sort of chronic debilitating condition, you...

Fibromyalgia and Herpes virus: Is there a connection?

Despite the instant negative reaction to the thought of the Herpes virus and the association with sexually transmitted disease, there are a number of different Herpes virus, including those responsible for Chicken Pox, Shingles, and Epstein Barr (mono). Even the ones with the most negative stereotypes are much more common that people believe; around...

Urticaria and Fibromyalgia. Is There Any Association?

By:Wyatt Redd Fibromyalgia seems to come with an almost unending list of additional side effects. From chronic itching to frequent urination, it seems like the fresh miseries of fibromyalgia never end. And in case you were looking for a new side effect to add to your list, how about urticaria. Urticaria, commonly called hives, is a...

Stop Torturing Chronic Pain Patients: US Health Pedia

By Kim Miller, Guest Columnist Have you heard the stories about people who suffer from unrelenting pain? These people, who we'll call "patients,” are trying to have a life whereby their pain is controlled enough to participate in some of life's little pleasures, such as cleaning the house, showering and spending time with family, while understanding...

A big change has just been made to benefits for sick and disabled people, starting today

People with "a severe, lifelong disability, illness or health condition" who are unlikely to ever work again are exempted from being reassessed for benefits Debbie Abrahams speaks on effects of 'unfair disability assessments' The government is accused of an "outrageous broken promise" after announcing thousands of life-long sick and disabled people will no longer face cruel...

A Typical 24 Hours With Fibromyalgia

By Kira McCarthy Three years ago, my doctor said the F-word… that’s right, fibromyalgia. I ignored her. But for the last year I have been in constant pain and I find it really hard to focus on anything other than finding pain relief or finding a new treatment that might actually make a...

FDA moves to kick prescription painkiller off the market

By Carter Sherman The Federal Drug Agency took an unprecedented step in the fight against the opioid epidemic Thursday, asking a drug manufacturer to pull one of its painkillers from the market. But while the FDA is trumpeting the move as essential, experts argue that it will likely have very little impact on the opioid crisis,...

Fibromyalgia and Leg Pain. Everyone Should Know.

By:Qan lil Sis Do you suffer with fibromyalgia leg pain?  Pain that is associated with the tender points and trigger points in multiple sites? Although we often refer to them as tender POINTS, they are actually more like tender AREAS. I have yet to meet someone with fibromyalgia that has merely a POINT of pain or tenderness. (However, both tender points...

17 Things People With Chronic Illness Mean When They Say ‘I’m Tired’

By Erin Migdol Everyone has said “I’m tired” at one point or another. But those deceptively simple words can have so many meanings. Without knowing the extent of the exhaustion someone with chronic illness is feeling when they say they’re tired, people may think your “tiredness” can be cured by a nap or early night, like theirs, not understanding...


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