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Fibro/Chronic Pain

Fibromyalgia is Not all in your Heads, Dr. Rice

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a commonly misjudged condition that causes widespread pain and fatigue. If you’ve been diagnosed with FM and are trying to learn all you can about the condition, you may come across some myths and misunderstandings about FM. The topmost misconception is that people consider FM is not an actual medical problem or...

16 Ways to Imagine What Fibromyalgia Disorder Feels Like

BY DR. HEATHER MORRIS 1. “Imagine the worst sickness, fatigue and pain and your head is in a deep fog where it made you think to go to the hospital. Now imagine feeling like that every day and knowing if you go to the hospital they will likely find nothing wrong and send you home and tell...

They live with chronic pain. They’re treated like addicts.

Edie Caito discusses the pain caused by her fibromyalgia, which she has treated with prescription opioids since 2009. Caito's access to the medications she needs has gradually become more restricted, in part due to the opioid addiction epidemic. Every time Edwina Caito heads to the emergency room, she braces herself. She knows that the doctors will...

New Vaccine Wins FDA Approval For Fibromyalgia Treatment That Actually Work

BY DR. HEATHER MORRIS If someone could give you a vaccine that would cure your Fibromyalgia Treatment, would you do it? That may sound like a dream, but it’s closer to reality than you might think.approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct a clinical trial next year to test the Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine...

Opioids often aren’t a great way to treat chronic pain. So … what is?

A pain patient weaning herself off opioids, a pain patient who can't imagine his life without them, and the future of pain treatment. In the past decade or so, we’ve realized that opioids are not a good solution for most chronic pain patients. They can be highly addictive drugs, and over time, patients often have...

Fibromyalgia With Numbness and Tingling

BY:Tiffany Vance-Huffman According to the National Fibromyalgia Research Association, 52% of fibromyalgia patients experience fibromyalgia with numbness and tingling. Another report found that as many as 84% of fibro patients experienced these symptoms as well. While the numbness and tingling primarily occur in the legs and feet, it is can also be present in arms and hands. Sometimes...

Abrupt Death of Patients in Chronic Pain. You Should Must Be Aware

By: Forest Tennant, MD, DrPH Severe pain, independent of medical therapy, may cause sudden, unexpected death. Cardiac arrest is the cause, and practitioners need to know how to spot a high-risk patient. Sudden, unexpected death may occur in a severe, chronic pain patient, and the terminal event may be unrelated to medical therapeutics. Fortunately, sudden death...

If You Ever Wished Xanax Was a Tasty Gummy Vitamin, Welcome to CBD Gummies

 by DOMINIQUE ASTORINO Buckle up, y'all, because we're about to drop some seriously wild and exciting news for you. Into CBD? Maybe you're not a fan of chocolate or you just prefer gummy candy? Wish your Xanax or Ativan was a delicious gummy vitamin instead of a pill? If you answered yes to any or all of those...

America Is Losing the War on Chronic Pain

In the face of an escalating opioid crisis, at least 100 million people with chronic pain aren't getting the relief they need and are seeking alternatives. More than 30 percent of Americans are living with some form of chronic or severe pain. More people live with chronic pain than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined, for a total of...

10 Causes Of Fibromyalgia Your Doctor Is Ignoring

It's estimated that fibromyalgia affects approximately 10 million people in the United States. Fibromyalgia is classically characterized by chronic pain, particularly muscle pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances, brain fog or cognitive impairment, depression and painful tender points throughout the body. Conventional medicine has yet to uncover the cause of fibromyalgia and only offers management of symptoms through pain...


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