by Red Lawhern

I am supporting an effort to gather information to help the cause of chronic pain patients and demand the withdrawal of the 2016 CDC opioid prescribing guidelines.

We need reports of denial of treatment leading to diminished quality of life and/or suicide among our communities. Even if you don’t have a name, please provide gender, city, state, age, date – whatever demographic information you have.

We are looking for chronic pain testimonials concerning what tapering/stopped medications have done to your health and well being. Please include your diagnosis, how loved ones are affected, if you have had to leave your job, file for disability, etc. Tell us if you or a (healthy) loved one has been denied adequate pain relief during or after a surgery/injury, or are canceling/postponing surgery because of the new pain laws.

We would also like the names of doctors who have left/retired from medicine, and whether your doctor has received threatening letters from authorities regarding opioid prescribing.

We will keep your identities confidential if you request. But your testimony may have far more impact if you are willing to put your name on it and have it published.

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